Pedigree fattening weaners for sale

Middle White


A selection from a few Middlewhite litters available. Three currently available


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We have boar and gilt Durocs available for fattening 

British Saddleback



Please email to be added to the future reserve  list for Spring litters.

Pedigree and birth notified


Pedigree fattening weaners All fattening weaners are £50 each at 8 - 9 weeks of age. They will be dewormed before departure

All are eligible for a BPA Pedigree Meat Certificate and may be transferred, free of charge, to the new owners if appropriately BPA-registered producers (low cost)

Pedigree Breeding Stock for sale


 2 year old Hover sow in pig to a Top Drawer. Nice clean sow with American Duroc parentage with litter at foot by American Duroc bloodline. £550

A selection of young stock from Lena / Top Drawer and Lena / Raw Deal lines available. Both Lena sows winners in the show ring including Supreme titles and qualifying for Pig of the Year. From £80 at 8 weeks depending upon standard and time of collection

All above quiet to handle, de-wormed and vaccinated. Outdoor reared.


Middle White boars - ready to work

Possible young stock for sale. All older boars now sold


Middle White

Possibly have some older stock available - we are in the process of selecting next years breeding team 

Young stock available from £80