Pedigree fattening weaners for sale

Middle White

We will have Middle White weaners ready to go from March 2018

Please email to be added to the reserved list  

Three boar weaners and six gilt weaners available. Ready to go 17th July 2018. Can be mixed with Duroc weaners if you wish to have a mix.

Next litters due through e July 2018 ready September 

We are taking pre-orders for July born litters


We will have a very limited number of Durocs available in 2018
and some have been reserved already

Up to 8 boar weaners available ready to go 19th July 2018

Pre-orders for August born litter being taken

British Saddleback

We have a limited number of British Saddlebacks available from March 

Please email to be added to the reserved list ALL SOLD

Next litter due shortly: all reserved

July born litters all pre-booked

Pedigree and birth notified

Pedigree fattening weaners All fattening weaners are £50 each at 8 - 9 weeks of age. They will be dewormed before departure

All are eligible for a BPA Pedigree Meat Certificate and may be transferred, free of charge, to the new owners if appropriately BPA-registered producers (low cost)

Pedigree Breeding Stock for sale

Middle White

 Lewin Dorothy 26 born 1/1/2016

Has had three litters and can be put back in pig after she weans her current litter.

Selling as we now have Tedfold Dorothy stock to replace her. 

She is a nice correct pig bred by a top MW breeder. £275  empty or £325 in pig to either a Revival or a Captain including BPA transfer fees 

Tedfold Dorothy born July 2017

By Westerly Revival 20 

She will be BPA registered at time of purchase.

We kept her back as potential for our show team but have decided the others we have are marginally better for the ring. £220 empty or £270 in pig to a Captain

Tedfold Fairlady 30 (Cheryl)

Born January 2014. Successfully shown and great to handle. In pig to Westerly Revival 20. Scanned in pig and due early July 2018. £320 to include all BPA transfer registration fees and permission to birth notify all piglets in your herd name.