Tedfold Captain 55 (Father Dougal)

Tedfold Captain 55 aka Father Dougal


Born July 2015

Best of Breed Heathfield Show 2016

Best of Breed Egham Royal 2016

Breed Champion Edenbridge & Oxted 2016

Pig of the Year Qualifier Norfolk 2016

Breed Champion Newbury 2016

Highest placed boar in Champion of Champions Yorkshire 2016

Chosen for BPA Herdbook photograph 2016

Please see our fees and T&Cs below


Our boar hire fees are donated to a charity called The Smile Train under the Tedfold Pigs name. 

This can be performed directly using this link www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tedfoldpigs or we can do it if you wish to pay us.

Westerly Revival 20 (Ralph)

Born December 2013


Proven Stud Boar


Unshown in the ring but does stick & board well

Cracking qualities that you would look for in a Middle White boar.

Terms & Conditions of hiring our boars

Middle White boars can be hired with a minimum £60 donation per sow to The Smile Train

Our Duroc boar is a £100 minimum donation per sow

This includes the ability to birth notify the resulting litter(s). 

All boars must be fed an agreed diet of proprietary commercial pig food – strictly no alternative feeding or 'treats'. He must also be de-wormed before returning. We can arrange delivery / collection @ £1 per mile (incl. VAT) round-trip each journey

All sows must be vaccinated against Erysipelas and parvo-virus, dewormed and be lice-free

You will be required to sign a loan agreement stating that you agree to abide by these terms

Regretfully we do not accept visiting sows