High quality Rare Breed outdoor-reared meat

There is a real need to shorten the food chain – Our pork is from pigs born and reared outdoors on the farm and then sold from the farm

Our animal welfare is paramount; their physical and mental needs come first – always and without exception

Currently available


We have some Country Pork and some plain sausages made from Middle White pork.

£4.50 per pack of six (approx 1/2 kg) or FIVE packs of six for £20

£6.75 per pack of nine 


A small selection of leg or spare rib roast sometimes available. 1kg and 2.5-3 kg joints. £10/kg All Middle White


Half Duroc carcase available unbutchered mid-feb or butchered late feb 2019 NB: this is a heavy hog and weights will be heavier than below with a half-carcase around 50 to 60kg.

£8.00 per kg unbutchered or from £9.50 per kilo butchered, can include the head and offal FOC if wished

Extra processing eg sausages, chipolatas, bacon, etc attract an extra charge

PRE-ORDERS for a hog roast require a 50% deposit at time of ordering

Typical weight 20-30kg for half-pig & 40-60kg for a whole pig if Middle White

Free local delivery within 2 miles of Billingshurst or 10 miles for orders over £100

We can also arrange for your carcase to be delivered to a butcher of your choice directly from the abattoir -–they do charge for this service


you may collect directly from the abattoir if paid for in full prior to collection –
we pay for the abattoir services :)

Our promise and guarantee to you

Our rare breed pigs are slowly reared at their own pace, they contain no growth promotors, no antibiotics and no injected hormones

Our pigs are born (unless vile, relentless wet weather) and reared outdoors

Our pigs are not tail docked, teeth clipped, castrated or denied rooting by the use of a nose ring

The only treatments and vaccines given to our pigs are for the welfare of the pig

We use a local abattoir for smallholders with a high ethical approach and minimal road miles

The pigs are always sent to the abattoir with another pig that they know

Our meat contains no added water, no preservatives, no artificial flavourings, no antibiotics and no artificial colourings

We can trace all our pigs' pedigrees and all pork can be supplied with a pedigree meat certificate – the ultimate in traceability

All meat must be paid for with cash or cleared funds before collection or at time of delivery, unless agreed by prior arrangement. Apologies for this requirement but once bitten, twice shy, and there is always one person who spoils it for everyone else!