Consultancy services (Agricultural Advisor specialising in pigs)


Pig pregnancy scanning service

Need to know if your pig is pregnant?

Boar jumped in and you want to know she is NOT pregnant?

Want to find out if AI worked?

Just want to know?


We can scan your pigs using a Doppler Ultrasound Scanner. This can be performed between days 18 and 75 post mating, with the highest accuracy between days 25 and 35.

Up to a 10-mile radius of Billingshurst is £50 plus VAT for up to three pigs, additional sows are £7 each. For over 10 miles then £1 plus VAT per mile round-trip is charged by the most direct road route.


General Pig Consultancy Services

We have experience of setting up new herds including husbandry, feeding, rules and regulations plus general health.

Advice on breeding, farrowing, piglet management and weaning plus handling upon request.

Michaela can also advise on  British Pig Association registration and requirements if required, as the BPA Sector Representative for the South


Agricultural Pig Adviser

Defence for planning issues with regard to pigs and their legal requirements. This can include attending court as an Agricultural Advisor specialising in pigs with extensive credentials.



The costs for these services are £60 plus VAT per hour, including travel.

If applicable, we can leave a copy of our one-day course manual with you after we leave.