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Specialist pig breeders and exhibitors

Tedfold Cottage Farm is a family-run smallholding, between Billingshurst and Wisborough Green, in the South East of England, managed by Michaela and her son Oliver Giles. Our interest lies in rare British Saddleback and Middle White pigs, and the modern Duroc breed. We are regulars on the pig-showing circuit around the UK and our ultimate piggy aim is to breed a 'Pig of the Year' winner. We came close in 2017, with our boar 'Ezra' winning Champion Traditional Male in Pig of the Year. He also won Middle White Champion of Champions 2017 at The Great Yorkshire Show. In 2019 one of our young Durocs won Champion Modern female and Reserve Supreme in the BPA Young Pig of the Year. TOOT TOOT

Middle White piglets aged 2 weeks

Our background

We breed pedigree pigs and are registered with the British Pig Association (BPA). Michaela is the BPA Regional Sector Representative for the South Region and also a director, sitting on the breed conservation committee and the BPA Council, She is also the genetic consultant for the British Kune Kune Pig Society     

Michaela is a member of the government's Pig Expert Group, representing the small-scale pig keeper, and the Defra Animal Health and Welfare Group – South-East     

Michaela is Consultant Editor to The Pig Site; an invaluable resource to pig-keepers: www.thepigsite.com and hosts a regular monthly column which can be accessed here    

Michaela has worked in the livestock health industry since 1985 as a Research Scientist and was awarded a Ph.D. in 2005 after studying the molecular genetics of host-parasite relationship in livestock. She was also awarded a post-graduate diploma in 2007 for her study in to infectious diseases of livestock.

Oliver is studying Veterinary Medicine at the University of Surrey and hopes to specialise in pigs / large livestock once qualified.

The Commuter Pig Keeper by Michaela Giles

The Commuter Pig Keeper

Michaela's first book 'The Commuter Pig Keeper: A comprehensive guide to keeping pigs when time is your most precious commodity' was published in 2016

Diagram Prize Winner 2017 - A quirky award, but still makes it a prize-winning book :) It is available from Amazon, 5M Publishing, Waterstones and other good book stores



We are proud members of The Middle White Pig Breeders Club

Michaela is the resident author for Practical Pigs magazine and additionally writes for the Agricultural & Horticultural Development Board (AHDB) Pork, bridging the gap between  commercial and small-scale pig-keepers; and Veterinary Practice magazine.

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Tedfold Cottage Farm

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